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[Co-host] Webinar “Exploring Vietnam’s Medical Devices Industry: Opportunities for European Businesses”

Over the last decade, along with Vietnam’s rapid economic and population growth, its healthcare sector has expanded significantly and become one of the most promising areas for foreign investment. In […]

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[Co-host] Webinar “The First Rail Freight Link From Vietnam to Belgium”

Dear Members and Friends of Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, In the context of the pandemic, international maritime transport is facing difficulties, rail service is being sought by many customers […]

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[Co-host] Webinar “Covid-19 Briefing”

Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam would like to invite you to the Covid Briefing webinar of DBAV on Tuesday, August 31. Joining us as a keynote speaker, Gabor Fluit – […]

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1.Kindly tell us something about your work profile/business including yourself. I have 20 years of experience in different countries and with almost the same company, I started working in Paris as Process […]

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[Co-host] Webinar “The Hiring Challenge in Vietnam: How to Grow Human Capital in the Pandemic”

After 2 years since its first emergence, the COVID-19 situation has tremendously interrupted the activity chain of all organizations. Consequently, managers and human resource management (HRM) practitioners have been dealing […]

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