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AAISA (Air Conditioning Engineering & Projects)
Electricity, Gas and Air Conditioning

AAISA is committed to contributing to comfortable and safe air-conditioning and fire-defence for people and property in different settings. It is also committed to managing its business in such a way as to create value for the company and to guarantee the greatest possible economic savings for its clients. Moreover, we are an innovative company committed to the environment and to sustainability. We specialise in installations in commercial or shopping areas and are always steadfastly committed to our clients’ main goal. We strive to maintain the personality of the sales area, providing a low-key albeit highly-efficient installation.



Travel and Tourism

Baolau is the leading multi-transport travel search engine in Asia. We love travelling and are passionate about developing a platform that can help travelers find their way in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China, compare transport options and book tickets easily in few minutes. To achieve this, we cooperate with the major transportation providers in the region to integrate accurate information of schedules and prices, and make online booking accessible to everybody.



Casa España
Food and Beverage

Casa España is a new comer in the Food & Beverage sector in Vietnam. Casa España bases its strength and opportunity to have an outstanding performance in the market, throughout products guaranty of quality, excellent service and unique origin products. The idea comes from the well know concept of “vino de finca” (state wine), which only mention evokes in well-informed customers quality, high standards, and exclusivity. Casa España will extend this singular concept to the whole country, Spain, from where products are solely imported. Casa España aims to bring the Spanish culture and food to Vietnamese customers, dividing its operations into three major categories: Tapas Bar, Gourmet Shop and its online sales platform and Wholesale division.


Business Consulting

In Casico we are consultants in the commercial, purchasing, strategy and international trade areas, with special expertise in Asia. If you think of importing, exporting, purchasing, marketing, international trade, market researches, formation, quality, financial analysis, you have found your ideal journey partner. Our added value is implication, flexibility and personalized treatment case by case. Our structure allows us to act locally before global situations, therefore guaranteeing the ideal response to our client’s needs.



Chemarome is a top-tier chemical company born in Barcelona 20 years ago. We specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of fragrance compositions. We fully develop & manufacture in Barcelona, Bangkok, Jakarta, Curitiba and Ningbo for a closer and faster delivery to any location worldwide. Additionally, we provide regional support with development laboratories in Indonesia (Jakarta), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Nigeria (Lagos), China (Ningbo) and Sri Lanka (Colombo). Our commercial network of offices and agents covers most of Asia, the Middle East, South America and West and Central Africa. We believe our international experience allows us to tailor global solutions from a local perspective.


Chula Fashion
Fashion and Apparel

We -Laura Fontan and Diego Cortizas- arrived in Hanoi in 2004, as a young Spanish couple. Almost instantly, we felt in love with Vietnam. Getting inspiration from the people, the food, the colors… We were also amazed by the fabrics and crafts surrounding us in the city. While discovering this perfect place, we got the crazy idea to start Chula. We started designing a fashion brand reflecting our passion for this new country, and its culture. The particularity of our creations was combining simplicity in shape with radical designs. As a great surprise Chula became quickly a popular reference in the Vietnamese fashion and art industry. Living the success of our creations in Vietnam, we decided to bring our brand one step further and participate in international fashion shows in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Each experience abroad is unique for us, and we love knowing that Chula’s fans are everywhere in the globe. Our philosophy believes in inclusion, cultural traditions, happiness of life, sense of humor, handmade fashion and suitable small-scale projects.




Dunlopillo is more than just sleeping products. We are driven to deliver ultimate comfort, great quality and unbeatable customer care to inspire our customers in creating their own sleeping haven. The quality of your bed makes or breaks the quality of your sleep. That is why we work hard to give our customers exceptional products for their discerning needs.




EduVision establishes as a mission statement to provide the Educational market with IT products and solutions under the digital transformation 4.0 developing Ecosystems and Partnership with international brands which gained their prestige in the educational field. Disruptive technologies are reorganizing society and it is essential that teachers and students in today’s society have the tools to develop and be prosperous for themselves, their families and the country. We offer Software, Hardware, Pedagogical, Platforms for Continued Professional Development Training (CPD).


El Corte Inglés
Fashion and Apparel

El Corte Inglés is a world leader in large department stores and a benchmark of Spanish distribution. With more than 70 years’​ experience, the Group has maintained from the outset a policy of customer service and an ongoing concern with adapting itself to suit the tastes and needs of society. This has led, in turn, to a policy of diversification and the creation of new business formats.




Fritta was founded in Vila-real (Castellón, Spain) in 1973. Our activity is based on the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic frits, enamels, standard digital inks and colours. Our experience drives us to believe ever more strongly in our own product, accepting the mission and the challenge of positioning ceramics as materials without bounds for construction, decoration, and architecture, current and future. Thanks to our design and innovation, Fritta is a pioneer in developing new decorative techniques for ceramic tiles, as well as the best raw materials for manufacturing them.



IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture

IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture is one of the leading companies in the Spanish market for professional services in Engineering, Architecture and Consulting and, at present, is taking the necessary steps to extend that leading position into the international arena. Given the experience of IDOM in the implementation of all the different phases of metro projects, the Vietnamese authorities has contracted our firm to carry out the Project Management of Hanoi Metro Line 3, as well as a training program for Vietnamese technical staff.


IDT Vietnam Global Service

At Indet we design and produce labels, packaging items and all sorts of accessories that our clients need, in order to create, develop and promote their brand. All details count in order to stand out. We source new materials and technologies to create labels with personality. Our objective is to add value to your product. Headquartered in Barcelona, and with the aim of providing an excellent service, we centralize our research and development of new products and techniques (R&D) in Spain. Indet operates on a global scale, with own logistic and production centers in Spain and Vietnam.



Kruger Ventilation

Kruger is a leading supplier of energy efficient ventilation solutions for residential and commercial buildings, industrial applications and infrastructures. With our wealth of knowledge and know-how, Kruger believes in creating value for customers simply by understanding their needs and delivering expectations. We recognise our customers’ importance and their requirements as one of our key strategy to achieve better customer service. To propel this ambition further, Kruger Research team has been launched to engineer advanced fan systems to expand its range of ventilation systems to provide a wider selection.




Mapbiopharma is specialized in the distribution and marketing of a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms (FDFs) for human and animal health all over the globe. It was founded in November 2014 with the mission of creating value for customers by supplying products with the best quality, price and service. Our business lines are Distribution of raw materials, Distribution of finished dosage forms (FDFs) manufactured in EU, and Support of non-EU companies to develop and increase their performance in Europe.


Architecture and Interior Design

MAS DESIGN is the evolution of MS decor company founded in 2014 by the Spanish interior designer Sonia Aparicio Salcedo, with services in Interior Design and Art Consultancy. MAS means “more” in Spanish and represents the idea of ​​taking one step forward in their projects, with more team, more experience, more suppliers to help on your projects and a deeper understanding of the needs in the country. Specialized in Hospitality, Retail and Office projects, MAS DESIGN offers a holistic approach, from Interior Design Concept and Detailed Drawings to Art Advisory services. Without a specific style, they develop each project differently making sure that interiors, art and branding are consistent.


Meliá Hanoi

Meliá Hotels International was founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and is one of the world’s largest resort hotel chains, as well as Spain’s leading hotel chain. It currently provides more than 370 hotels in 43 countries. Meliá has 5 hotels in Vietnam: Meliá Hanoi, Meliá Ba Vi Mountain Retreat, Meliá Danang, Meliá Ho Tram and Sol Beach House Phú Quoc.



Shri Restaurant and Lounge
Food and Beverage

Shri opened its doors in 2010 to establish itself as the first international standard rooftop restaurant and lounge in Ho Chi Minh City, to which the venue quickly established itself and a must go to on any visit to the city. The concept was to deliver quality, authentic food with quality service and atmosphere. Shri has emerged as one of the leading culinary and cocktail destinations in the country, whilst retaining the original ethos of authenticity, quality and honesty. The menu offers a broad range of dishes to suit most tastes with modern European styled starters, mains and desserts as well as a wide selection of grills and salads utilising the finest of local and imported ingredients.



Talisman Asia Limited
Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels

Talisman Asia Limited operates as a subsidiary of Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc. offering oil and gas exploration and production services, bringing efficient, sustainable, and competitive energy to millions of people. The company is one of the largest privately-owned oil and gas players in the world, present in high-potential growth markets worldwide. Our operations in Vietnam are focused on Upstream projects, and we own mineral rights to 7 exploration and production blocks with a net surface area of 73,515 km2.


Teka Vietnam

The kitchen is the heart of your home. In Teka, we design appliances to be the soul of your kitchen. Because it is here where life is cooked, where some of the best moments of our lives take place. The kitchen is more for us than just a place where meals are made. It is a place to laugh, to dream, to contribute, to talk, to make decisions, to share news, to make life plans and, in the end, a place to live unforgettable moments. For all these reasons, we design and manufacture appliances to bring solutions and real innovation to the kitchen, solutions that fit with your life style and in harmony with your home. Every day we work to better understand your needs and bring new solutions to help you out by finding new possibilities in the kitchen.


Tê Tê Brewing
Food and Beverage

Tê Tê Brewing is a fresh and young microbrewery operating in Saigon, focused uniquely in making Tê Tê Craft Beer. Tê Tê White Ale is a Belgian style inspired wheat beer with medium body strength. It contains a good helping of wheat and oats and its unfiltered nature gives it a pale and cloudy appearance. Light touches of European hops enhance its fruity and citric notes, making it crispy and slightly tangy, further brought up by a lively level of carbonation. Designed for Vietnam’s unique culture and climate.


Tomatito Saigon
Food and Beverage

Tomatito is the casual little brother of El Willy in Shanghai, created by the Spanish chef Willy Trullàs Moreno. We refer to Tomatito as a “sexy tapas bar”. It’s focused on family-style dining, and we instill the element of fun—it’s bold, colorful and funky. Inspired by the Spanish bars from the 80s with a modern twist reflecting what the designers are doing in the modern Spain nowadays, with 3 locations across Asia the decoration reflects an evolution of the concept in each restaurant with a sexy common note. The menu takes classics from the Spanish cuisine such tapas, rice dishes like paella, fish, meat and vegetables and sexy tapas “two fingers one bite” creative dishes which are always fun to eat and delicious to the palate. We always work with local producers to keep the maximum quality and freshness and other items we import from Spain.


TPF Getinsa Euroestudios

TPF Getinsa Euroestudios is one of the leading engineering companies in Spain, truly committed to innovation and excellence in all aspects of infrastructure development. We are leaders in the key areas of transport, environment, water, building and urban development. Our experts deliver comprehensive services across the full life cycle of infrastructure projects – from feasibility studies to integrated project management, including all intermediary steps, such as demand studies, transport planning, detailed design, construction supervision and value engineering. In Vietnam, we carried out several transportation projects in roads, as Noi Bai Lao Cai Expressway, urban transportation, water treatment and capacity building for the Ministry of Transportation, Municipalities and Provincial authorities. Since 2018, TPF Getinsa Euroestudios is participating in Hanoi Metro Line 3 Project.



Trencilo is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of braided and twisted threads, laces, shoelaces, strings, elastic and technical threads. We manufacture our products in a wide variety of finishes and technical treatments using high precision machine for each type of application. We provide solutions for footwear, leather, draperies, nets, upholstery industries and others. Thanks to the design and control of elaboration process, each product obtains unchanging quality with the maximum resistance to achieve the best performance for users.




Venair is a global manufacturer of flexible silicone hoses primarily used in food, pharmaceutical and industrial process equipment. The company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS certified, and provides innovative custom solutions according to customers’ requirements. Venair is creating high-quality elastomers, offering solutions for fluid flow where there are vibrations, system movement or a need for custom flexibility. The Industrial division produces different ducting solutions that can be used in Aerospace, Industrial engines, Marine, Abrasive particles, General ventilation, Motorsport, Military and Wind energy. The Food and Pharmaceutical division offers solutions to different sectors: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Cosmetics. The Biotech division ranges single-use systems for pharmaceutical and biotech-based markets with outstanding quality tubing of different materials.


Individual Members


Alejandro Dominguez Herrera
Legal, Honorary Consul of Spain in Ho Chi Minh City


Angel Maciá


Arturo Jorge Ferrer Campo
Business Consulting


Luz Perez Garcia
International Relations, Promotion Representative of Port de Barcelona in Vietnam


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