[Co-host] Webinar “The Hiring Challenge in Vietnam: How to Grow Human Capital in the Pandemic”

[Co-host] Webinar “The Hiring Challenge in Vietnam: How to Grow Human Capital in the Pandemic”

August 12, 2021

After 2 years since its first emergence, the COVID-19 situation has tremendously interrupted the activity chain of all organizations. Consequently, managers and human resource management (HRM) practitioners have been dealing with the new complex and challenging environment and striving to find ingenious solutions to ensure the continuity of their companies and to help their employees to cope with the crisis.

Sooner or later, businesses and enterprises will find a suitable method to adapt and continue production in the new normal. But if you want to speed up the waiting, join us on August 20th and listen to the insightful sharing from our HR experts as they talk about the current hiring challenge in Vietnam and their takes on suitable solutions.

️Webinar Highlights:
️- The Hiring Challenge in Vietnam
– Physical Presence and Productivity VS. Physical Presence and Competitiveness
– The Motivation Trap: Vietnam without Covid VS. Vietnam with Covid
– Leadership in Vietnam and Impact of the Pandemic
– Solving the Hiring Challenge: Tips & Cases

Event Info:
– Date: Friday, August 20th, 2021
– Time: 3PM – 4:30PM (Vietnam time)
– Platform: Zoom

Moderator & Speakers:
– Sir Hoang Hai Pham – Executive Director of ICHAM
– Mr. Giuseppe Iamele – Managing Director at VinAxia
– Mr. Trung Nguyen – Business Development Executive at VinAxia
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