July 12, 2023

Mr. Rafa Barreto – Individual Member

1. Kindly tell us something about your work profile/business including yourself.
I am a captain in an airline and I decided I wanted to do something else for my life and I started a company where I could help people to achieve their personal and professional goals. That´s why I started TimeBuyers.

2. When did you arrive in Vietnam and what made you / your company decided to stay here?
What made me decide was the people, life is very easy here. Vietnamese people are very helpful, and they have supported me a lot during all these years

3. How has your professional career or your company’s career developed since then?
I arrived to Vietnam almost 9 years ago, and I started my company 4 years later, in a totally different industry, then COVID came and we needed to start all over with another business model, the one we have now

4. Culture shock related to work environment in Spain and Vietnam?
To be honest i don´t see much of a culture shock. Vietnamese culture is very tied to the traditions, and that is awesome.

5. What do you think are the biggest challenges for this sector in the future?

In the sector of coaching and corporate trainings I don´t think there are much challanges. I like to think there are a lot of opportunities

6. What type of promotional and communication campaigns do you work on?

I am working in the word of mouth. And also some social media content

7. What is your advice to companies interested in your services?

There was a research that said the success of any company is 10% comes from training, 20% comes from follow up and coaching, and the rest 70% comes from what the company is able to implement.

In TimeBuyers we ensure the 100% of the process.

8. Please tell us a little about future plans of your company in Vietnam.

Our mission is to be the biggest company to provide teamwork and leadership trainings in Vietnam. We are organizing an online platform to study all the courses we teach, and we are also using new technologies and AI.

Many thanks to Mr. Rafa Barreto for sharing your experience with us.

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