January 14, 2022

Mrs. Lucía Goy Mastromiechele – Goy Gentile’s Managing Partner

1. Kindly tell us something about your work profile/business including yourself.

Goy Gentile Abogados was founded by Lucía Goy Mastromiechele with a strong international character. We aim to become, through our technical and operational excellence, the reference law firm for connecting the jurisdictions in which we operate: United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Spain. 

In Goy Gentile Abogados, we have many outstanding lawyers specialising in regulations on immigration, tax, commercial & corporate, real estate, successions, family and Sephardic origin.

Goy Gentile’s Managing Partner, Lucía Goy Mastromiechele, with her LL.M in Harvard

Law School as well as many other reputable degrees in law, began her career in the Tax Department of the Spanish law firm Uría Menéndez in its Madrid offices where she acquired a solid experience in tax matters and asset management. Moreover, her experience as an in-house lawyer for the international real estate company, Coffer Inmobiliaria, in its Madrid offices, allowed her to deepen her knowledge in asset management and taxation, as well as Real Estate Law and Inheritance Law.

Lucía has also worked as an associate in leading international law firms, including US firms Davis Polk & Wardwell and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, in their New York, London, Brussels and Madrid offices. With her superlative performance, Lucía has been part of transactions involving high levels of tax complexity and innovative heritage structures, and has acquired important analytical and negotiating skills as well as a practical, pragmatic and comprehensive approach to legal maters.

2. How has your professional career or your company’s career developed since then?

Thanks to Lucía’s extensive experiences and superb leading ability, Goy Gentile Abogados was founded as an international law firm based on excellence and results but without ever compromising our absolute loyalty to our clients through close and trusting relationships often missed in large firms.

Over the past few years, in Goy Gentile Abogados we have faced the most complex legal matters and have learned the importance of innovation of obtaining the best results. Besides providing legal services according to Spanish regulations, we have been expanding our services naming European Nationality by Sephardic origin. To that end, we count with a network of genealogists and specialised in determining Sephardic origin and localising and obtaining the different evidence to prove Sephardic lineage. By virtue of our accomplished experts, we successfully satisfy the needs of many clients and are continuously supporting many others.

At the moment, based on high demand of international business and residence in Spain and Europe, we have planned to approach more clients from Asian countries like Vietnam, Singapore or Malaysia so as to support them with our professional consultation and services. We believe, with our specialised experiences and up-to-date legal information, we can definitely provide our clients with the most advantageous solutions for their individual cases.

3. In relation to the current pandemic (CoVid-19) that the world is facing, how has your company been affected and what actions do you propose to better the situation?

As we all know, from 2022 Covid-19 has negatively impacted, disrupted and forced changes in societies and economies on all over the World and Spain, Goy Gentile Abogados has also seen changes.  

Looking back that time, we had to adapt to new scenarios for the firm operation as well as immediately comply with all instructions from the Government, including understanding and informing clients of all new Covid regulations, responding and assisting clients with their legal queries and concerns, ensuring clients complied with Covid regulations, relocating our superb term work remotely, supporting our employees on their health situation, ensuring technology could support a fully online business with, etc. Ignoring some initial difficulties, we quickly reorganised all due tasks, managed the firm from distances with many effective office tools to connect together and with our clients from anywhere. Furthermore, Covid has created disruption in our society and economy, and thus legal system. As specialising in regulations on immigrations, investment and tax, we promptly brought our clients up to date with and well explain new provisions applying throughout the pandemic (e.g. the auto-extension for visas/ residence cards which expired during the lock-down period, the change of tax rate, etc.) as well as provided them with the best solutions in their individual cases.

Throughout this pandemic, even we have faced many first-time struggles, we, Goy Gentile Abogados, have come our stronger thanks to our first-class team who can adapt to circumstances at client needs rapidly and effectively.

4. Please tell us a little about the future plans of Goy Gentile Abogados SLP.

From 2022, in addition to continuing our firms’ business operations during the prolonged epidemic, we aim to expand our network and business by increasing number of associates and opening solid offices in Lisbon and representation offices in Miami. To that end, we keep connecting with our partners in Spain and other countries and investing in some marketing tools to be able to bring our services to clients who need legal support. 

Moreover, in order to improve service quality, we have plans to invest in legal tech to make clients experience better and be able to give solutions quicker and more effectively, together with enhancing our excellent team’s performance.

Many thanks to Mrs. Lucía for sharing your experience with us.

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