Vinsmart launches new phone brand designed in Spain

Vinsmart launches new phone brand designed in Spain

December 15, 2018

Vinsmart, a member of the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, launched a new brand of smartphones designed and developed by the leading Spanish technology firm BQ in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday.


The new phone brand, named Vsmart, is set to compete against Samsung, the leading company in the technology sector in Vietnam, where it produces half of the cellphones and tablets it sells around the world with a staff of 160,000 workers.

Vingroup CEO Tran Minh Trung presented 4 models of Vsmart: Active 1, Active 1+, Joy 1 and Joy 1+, all of which were manufactured at the Vinsmart plant in Hai Phong, northern Vietnam.


Vinsmart has the capacity to produce 5 million phone units annually. The company intends to start the production of smart televisions and other devices in collaboration with other technology companies.

Source: EFE

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