A quick chat with Mr. Jan Segers – General Manager of Noatum Logistics Vietnam JSC

A quick chat with Mr. Jan Segers – General Manager of Noatum Logistics Vietnam JSC

December 11, 2020

SBA: Good morning Mr. Jan, how are you doing today?

We do not want to steal a lot of time of yours before your Christmas vacation so can you share with us again about what is Noatum Logistics? And where does it come from?

Mr. Jan: Indeed, we very often receive this remark showing our business cards or telling people our name.

It is correct that Noatum logistics is a new ‘name’ in Vietnam, but we were operating for over 15 years under the name of MIQ Logistics – an American company.  MIQ was strong in UK, India and US and had established their own network of offices in Asia. Noatum was strong in Mediterranean – Middle East and South America.  In 2019, both companies merged into NOATUM Group with HQ in Barcelona / Spain.  Today we are among the top 40 of logistics companies worldwide. 

Noatum Group has 4 components :

  • Port Handling (mainly in Spanish ports and Algeria) having their own terminals and warehouses.
  • Ships agent for liner vessels, chartered vessels and cruise vessels  
  • Logistics
  • Projects 

In Vietnam we are focusing of Logistics and Project-shipments.  We handle in Vietnam approx. 2500 – 3500 TEU per month and are still growing.  Partly because we get sales leads / shipments via the group, partly thanks to our own sales.

Noatum Logistics Vietnam handles sea- and airfreight (import and export), customs clearance and inland transport. 

SBA: Can you share with us more your plan for expanding and growth of Noatum Logistics in 2021?

Mr. Jan: Our new activities (as from 2021) will be warehousing and e-commerce.

You can see, we are still growing and 2020 (the famous Covid-year) was very successful for us, showing a steady growth in volume and profit.  In 2019 we had 6 staff, now we are at 10 and hopefully next year we will grow to 12 or 14, depending on the volumes.

With the EVFTA, we expect an increase of Spanish products coming into Vietnam for which we are always open for any inquiry and/or questions related to investments or import-duties.    

Same for the exports from Vietnam to Spain and Europ

SBA: So for any further information, how can clients get in touch with you? Can you share with us here?

Mr. Jan: Definitely and for further information you can always contact: jan.segers@Noatumlogistics.com or on our website: www.noatumlogistics.com

SBA: Christmas vibe is just around the corners in Vietnam would you like to leave any greetings before the mini-chat ends here?

Mr. Jan: We like to wish you all a Merry X-mass and Happy New Year and for the Vietnamese people amongst us : Chuc Mung Nam Moi  

SBA: Thanks so much Mr. Jan. Thanks again for spending your time with us.

Likewise that we wish you all the success, health and Merry Xmas, Happy New Year. All the best are yet to come for the year of the Ox (2021)

Mr. Jan Segers – General Manager of Noatum Logistics Vietnam JSC

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